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Take one last glance backward, then hop in and hit the road. Leave the past behind and embrace the unknown ahead. That’s the essence of Electric Horseman, a band that invites you to take a seat in the back, offering a comfortable spot on a journey of uncertainty.

With their music, Electric Horseman seamlessly merge influences from bygone eras with a contemporary twist. You can unmistakably trace the origins of their sound, yet they present it in a modern way, resulting in a captivating fusion. Their songs are a delightful blend of folk and country nuances, with a raw edge and a touch of modern charm. The melodies are captivating and infectious, gracefully dancing between wistful weight and carefree lightness. Their sonic palette stretches across the realms of indie, folk, and even ventures into psychedelic rock, painting a fresh and exciting musical picture.

Hailing from Darmstadt (Germany), Electric Horseman embody their spirit with their own unique flavor: crafting a sound that is both familiar and refreshing. They embody a unique approach, effortlessly blending nostalgic with modern elements to create a sound that takes listeners on a musical journey while honoring their roots.

Music Video for Sound of Your Goodybe

Music Video for Changing the Blue

Music Video for New Air

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  • Indie Folk Rock
  • four-piece outlet
  • from Darmstadt, Germany
  • founded in 2016

Band members

Andy Schiller — Guitar, Vocals
Dan Geiger — Guitar, Vocals
Jan Aulbach — Bass
Patrick Thornley — Drums



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